May 2nd, 2022

Hello friends,

Welcome to my very first blog post. Although I've coded out the framework of this site, I'm struggling to actually come up with content for it. In some ways I want to use this site just as a little journal space, especially as I'm trying to quit most social media and I need somewhere for my little thoughts to go.

I need to write my internet manifesto on why small sites and why I'm anti-social media, but again that's a lot of work. However, I'm coming up on the end of the semester so I should have some more time once it officially ends.

I guess I could go into what else I want to put on this site. I'd like to have a witchy section on this site and talk about my spiritual experiences, however I'm pretty shy about talking about that stuff, so it might be hard to write about it.

Additionally, I might change the theme here as well, as the pink seems a little tacky, but I also like the apples and the apple buttons that I custom made.

I'd say comment down below what you think, but alas I haven't figured out how to add a comment box yet. Perhaps next time.

See you soon friends,


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